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James Castelli is a health coach and therapist with the following credentials:

B.A. Psychology (U of L), Clinical Hypnotherapist (Excel Hypnotherapy College), medical and dental specialist training (Professional Board of Hypnotherapy), Advanced Parts Therapy training (Professional Board of Hypnotherapy), Imagery & Hypnotherapy for Health, Harmony & Peak Performance, and Quantum Touch (Level 1)

Reach out and connect with James for assistance in these areas:

Therapy and health coaching for:

Sports performance

Healthy focus, weight loss

Pre and post surgery prep and recovery

Smoking cessation

Confidence building

Anxiety reduction

Pain management and hypno-birthing. 

Nail biting and more

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Motivational presentations for school, corporate, and group development and team building. More information here.

Professional Speaking and hosting for private and public events (corporate events, out door celebrations, fundraisers) when a host is needed to keep the event moving forward and provide effective and entertaining communication from the podium to the audience.  For more information click here.

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Call or text 403-383-7644

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