Motivational Speaking And Hosting

James has been a motivational speaker and host for over 20 years.  If you are looking for a guest speaker to share a message or host your event James would love to lend his many years of experience to your event.  James can help with any of the following events:

July 28, 2018 James MC’d the Taber Mud Bog.  James loves to go that extra distance, by walking the pit and telling the audience about how deep and sticky it is (all 200 feet) and even going for a ride in a truck and going live from there too.

Great to hear the laughter from the audience as I walk the pit, occasionally finding a really deep and sticky spot. It’s a great way to start off a Mud Bog!

  • Fundraising Events And Galas

Hosting Kinsmen Mardi Gras Event 2018

  • Community Events (Fundraisers, Mud Bogs, Festivals, Trade Shows, Parades and more)

Concert For A Cause July 2018

Taber Mud Bog 2017


  • Life Events (Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Graduation Celebrations and more)

High School Dry Grad Event June 2018

  • Corporate Events (Sales Events, Staff Functions, Wellness Seminars and more)

  • Motivational Speaking For Any Type Of Event (Team Building, Accountability, Health And Wellness, Work Place Safety And More)

From hypnosis demonstrations to school presentations on how Thoughts Become Things. James loves to speak and inspire.









Part of being the right person for the right job is being able to show up and bring something extra to the event.  As a master of improvisation and being able to think on his feet, James makes an ideal host for a great variety of events. 

His many years of experience as a radio announcer have provided him with a polished voice and presentation.  As a former mobile DJ who has performed for hundreds of weddings and events James is great as a host and facilitator for weddings, open air events like concerts, parades and mud bogs.  A bit of information allows James to fill in the blanks to keep the event moving along and people engaged with all the action.


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