Out Of Box – A Powerful Approach To Healing

I have been helping my clients to make positive, healthy changes for over 15 years. With training in clinical hypnotherapy, Quantum Touch, NLP, and various other modalities, I use my experience to draw upon my knowledge to find, what I believe, to be the best approach to help my clients. The result is an Out Of The Box formula for success.

Out of the Box success stories…

A young woman has a fear of bees so powerful that it prevents her from going outside without having a panic attack. 45 minutes into her session, she is able to walk outside and watch bees flying around my sunflowers.

A 40 year old man comes in for help quitting smoking. His breathing is becoming more laboured. After one session he quits and proudly checks in every few months to let me know he is still smoke free.

A successful realtor comes in for help with making healthy changes to their daily rituals. The session turns from help with quitting their unproductive habits to strategies for problem solving and increasing sales of homes. The tools given to this person has allowed them to better assess business and person challenges to create the success they desire.

A former weight loss client who successfully lost the weight they wanted to, calls in over a year after they finished their therapy. They are having trouble managing stress and feel they are falling back into their old habits. After a 20 minute conversation with hypnosis over the phone, the client is back on track.

The success in each of these cases is helped by a combination hypnotherapy, health coaching, and an intuitive approach to solving life’s challenges.

Be sure to check my podcast on the right hand side. Weekly podcasts will have stories based actual clients (names and details changed unless permission is granted) and presentations. Episodes also feature stories of triumph through dedication and the ability to think OUT OF THE BOX.

If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety, low confidence or just wants to get healthier mentally and physically. Help is here.


James Castelli,

Hypnotherapist and health coach