James R.M. Castelli is a clinical hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Strategist as well as an NLP practitioner and as of January 25th, 2015 has begun to add energy work (both local and distance) into his therapy practice for those who are wanting it.

James began working with hypnosis in 2000. His primary focus is to help people to heal and feel better by unlocking the healing resources of the unconscious mind.  He works with clients ranging in ages from 7 yrs old to well into their 80’s; from clients with developmental issues to those who work in the tops of their fields to individuals recovering from physical and emotional trauma.  James uses therapy techniques so effective that most clients find positive changes after the first session!

James is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge (’93) with a degree in Psychology.  Although his interest in hypnosis was originally for the purpose of being a stage hypnotist, he began to see how the Power Of Suggestion from his shows helped show participants to make great change happen in the lives.  This provided James with the motivation to continue his education to better help people with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Along with his degree in Psychology, James is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist with training in Advanced Imagery and Hypnotherapy for Health, Harmony and Peak Performance.   When clients come to James for therapy he is able to help them by communicating in the language that the unconscious mind best relates to – metaphors and creative imagery.  Combining this with Medical and Dental Specialist Training and Advanced Parts Therapy gives James some very powerful tools to assist his clients in achieving their goals by reducing negative and unproductive behaviour patterns. It is amazing to know that most of the bad habits we have are a result of some perceived trauma from a younger time.  Parts therapy allows  the origin of the trauma to be revealed and then released.

James is also able to provide a companion therapy service for doctors with patients going in for surgery and then follow ups for recovery.  We know that the human body has a great ability to heal itself and that stress and fear can inhibit that ability.  By preparing the mind and body for surgery and healing stress can be reduced and doctors orders for a proper recovery can then be followed with post hypnotic suggestions.

Please contact James with any questions and to book appointments: 403-382-7644 or email james@jamescastelli.ca

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