Corporate Health, Harmony And Peak Performance

I am certain you are doing the best you can to ensure your companies continued success. There has most definitely been a great amount of ongoing training within your company. For example, morning online videos to help employees keep their eye on the proverbial ball, management training programs to help leaders become more effective. All of these help your staff be the best they can be.

There is no doubt these are very challenging times. Stress and anxiety have become more common than ever. Companies are working hard to help their employees. Now, there is an opportunity to go one step further.

What is it?

Employee empowerment!

This is what Health, Harmony and Peak Performance can do for your company:


  • reduce anxiety
  • increase self esteem and confidence
  • stop smoking programs
  • weight loss programs
  • positive focus


  • create better interpersonal relationships
  • self acceptance
  • goal setting in line with company vision
  • create a more positive and unified work environment
  • conflict resolution

Peak Performance

  • programs for personal empowerment
  • increased personal engagement
  • increased employee safety and productivity
  • individual goals and action plan
  • remove perceived and self imposed blocks
  • paradigm shifts

All programs and personal development sessions can be done in person or through Zoom where appropriate.

All programs and therapies are tailored to individual and corporate needs and are personal and confidential.

Program costs can be shared between employer and employee or individual corporate rates can set.

A free 20 minute consultation is available. To book, please contact James at 403-382-7644 or

James is a motivational speaker, health coach and therapist with a background in Psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, medical and dental hypnotherapist training, along with Imagery and hypnotherapy for health harmony and peak performance (level 2).