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January 10, 6:45pm , Healthy Weight Through Ideal Protein.

Learn more about creating sustainable weight loss in 2018 with lifestyle coaching and Ideal Fresh Life Weight Loss Centre in West Lethbridge.  For more information and to attend this free, one hour session please click here.  Can’t make this one?  Please message James and find a date which works for your schedule.  Call or text 403-382-7644.


Other Health and Wellness workshops are coming up.  Check back later for times and dates.  Personal and distance therapy appointments are available by contacting james@jamescastelli.ca and texting 403-382-7644


Be sure to join James Tuesday through Friday mornings on JessFM.ca for music and inspiration.  Ask questions and get answers during his Facebook Live videos like this one.



Feb 10, 6pm at the Lethbridge Lodge Hotel – 4th Annual Lethbridge Kinsmen Mardi GrasGet your tickets and join in the fun as the Lethbridge Kinsmen celebrate their 90th anniversary of serving the Lethbridge community.  Good times, great food, a silent auction and dancing to follow dinner and auction.




For workshops and personal appointments email james@jamescastelli.ca


For Seminars and personal appointments for quitting smoking

Stop Smoking NOW

Quit Now and Become the Healthier New You!

Losing weight


 Relax and reduce anxiety

Anxiety Reduction

feel better by understanding your mind/body connection

Learn about the mind-body connection and how to use it to manage anxiety and fear.  How to create greater moments of “Flow” through focus and visualization.  Learn techniques for building yourself up to the ideal you!

Weight loss, stop smoking and anxiety/confidence building seminars are available for group and corporate health programs.

Call 403-382-7644 or email james@jamescastelli.ca

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