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By sharing the following stories I hope to provide a moment of inspiration to last a lifetime.  As this page develops I will be including as many stories about inspiration and positive change as time permits.  You may not agree with the message in all of them, and that is okay.  Let’s celebrate the diversity of our individual needs and take comfort in knowing that each of the items here are about someone doing something positive which they are passionate about.  Below you will find information on My (personal) Journey

My Journey

I am a survivor.  I grew up in a family not unlike many others.  Parents divorced, we moved around a bit.  Through it all I know my parents, whether together or apart did the best they could and did the best as per what they believed to be correct parenting for the time (as I have raised my children I did what I believed to be the best at the time and in looking back I know I could have don it better).  This is something we, as parents all do.  Time is a great reveler of truth in how good of a job we have done as parents.

For some reason, even from the time is was a child (6 or 7) I felt the urge or the need to be the center of attention.  I had to be the one who knew all the answers or the one who was the best of something.  My life become a journey of not fitting in but being in the spotlight.  If I couldn’t be in the spotlight then I didn’t feel validated.  This resulted in a lot of egocentric behaviours which also made me very good at what ever I was doing (you always believe you are good at what you when you are too narrow minded to know any difference).  Flash forward to a career in radio, finishing off a university degree and becoming an entertainer (mobile DJ) and then a stage hypnotist before becoming a motivational speaker and therapist.  As I turned 50 many realizations were coming to me.  I needed to make changes happen in my life and I needed to get healthy (although this is very brief, I will expand on it later).

June 2017, I start a program to radically decrease the sugar I am taking in so I stop drinking alcohol. After 31 days I begin my ketogenic way of eating and my journey.

In the first 7 days I drop 7.5 pounds.  I am looking better and feeling better.  My Journey still continues.  If you are interested in a detailed presentation on this please contact me….  More to come!


Day 10, keeping focused and dealing with cravings… using tips and techniques to help with cravings and affirm goals to stay the course.


Continuing now into Day 46 (September 1, 2017), amazing how fast time has flown by.  If you are reading this for the first time then check out some of my older videos and bring yourself up to speed regarding some of my challenges and insights along the way.  To bring you u to speed, I have phased off of my Ideal Protein Program (meaning I went through the four phases and am now eating store bought food).  I know am eating more of a high protein, high fat, low card diet which my body is loving.  I was not sure what to expect as I knew I would put on a bit of weight (it’s expected that one would put on about 5 lbs following the a return to eating as glycogen levels return based on eating carbohydrates in small amounts to start your body getting used to carbs again).  I did put on about 4 lbs in the week which took me up to 195 and now I am back in weight loss mode as I have started exercising (rollerblading) again.  After a week now my weight is dropping again and I am now down below 192 lbs.
One thing I have learned on this journey is that weight loss and healthy eating require clear and attainable goals.  Without these you can become an excuse maker who is always justifying why they can not achieve their goal.  Another thing I have learned, weight is just a number.  You can lose all the weight you like, and if you lose all of you muscle mass, you lose your strength and your ability to do and create things.  If your goal is only to loss weight; ask yourself why?  Your health is the most import thing you have.  Everything I have done on this journey is to increase my health and my ability to create and do.
Two of the biggest indicators of my health are: no longer needing ADHD medication as I am more focused and more able to create; no longer needing my inhaler as my inflammation is down so much that I can breathe easier.  So.. . Why should you go on a healthy journey like this?  How about to be able to live with as little medication as possible?  How about gaining the knowledge regarding the foods you eat so you can live the best life possible.  Removing bad foods and getting back to a more natural way of eating is a great place too start.

More to come… and more stories to inspire….



Shannon’s Story

[In her own words August 14, 2017]


Never give up as you don’t know who you are inspiring …. “
I was born with scoliosis s shaped spine.  I was 15 when I found out I had it, was told I had to live with it or get surgery.  At the age of 35 after a bunch of life happened I went back to school for massage therapy and learned a lot about muscles and how the body worked.  I came up with this amazing idea how to straighten my spine. I found an amazing trainer and started my journey at this point I thought it was impossible ( after what I was told for years) but was going to see what I could do and if I could do it I want to compete in a body building competition. Well 1 year later and lots sweat and tears it happened I was able to step on stage spine was straight still a few muscle imbalances but I did it.  After watching me fight so hard to achieve something a friend contacted me looking for motivation they have ms. I would do anything to cure it for them but I don’t know how how do I motivate someone that has something I can’t fix I’m just a girl that goes to the gym trying to straighten her spine.
I thought about it …. I can’t fix it but it only takes a pebble to start a waterfall. I will raise money and awareness I will show my friend that people care and people want to help there is still love in the world.   Great now I have an idea I just need action, what will I do to make a big enough impact?
At this point I had person goals of competing again so that has to play into it a bit.  I decided after I compete I will go across Alberta on foot walk jog dance lol across the province to raise money and awareness for ms.  3 months after I compete should give me enough time to get back use to carbs and increase cardio so sept 1 it’s go time.
I compete in June in IDFA and I got 4 th place but I was so happy with what I brought to the stage I was in the best shape of my life and felt great.  Huge thank you to Domin8 ( my trainer Nathan ) for bringing the best out in me.  Also thank you to James Castelli for helping my mind in the training process.
Here I sit 3 weeks out from going across Alberta on foot learning a lot about myself along the way.  I have actually found barefoot or in socks works better for me so to add to it, I’m. Not wearing shoes when I go across. The training has be great .. some character building days for sure but that’s when it’s the mind working.
I’m so excited to do this for not only my friend but all the people I met along the way that have inspired me to be better.  Once you engage your mind anything is possible.
Only question I have is where will the world take me next …
[the following are Facebook pictures and posts with dates]
Sept 1, 2017
[My comments on the start of Shannon’s Journey]

Inspirations abound today. Some of us continue journey which just impact ourselves and those closest to us, while others head out on something with a wider scope of impact. Today is Shannon Aginnes‘ Day 1 of her journey (#shannonsjourney#shannonsstory). She is truly an inspiring person with a great vision – Looking For A Cure.

All the best for an awesome run! May the winds be in your favour and the mashed potatoes abound in creamy, buttery joy!


5 hrs

well just eating breakfast then off to the border and its go time
I want to give a few shoutout to some awesome people
First Todd Sjodin thank you for contacting me cuz if it wsn’t for you I wouldn’t be doing this at all.
Crystal Kimberley thank you so much for your help with the pictures and the support I love you lady. Nathan Harewood for kicking my ass and making sure I am able to do this best trainer ever. Jessand northside dodge you guys are always awesome plus Jess 

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The Story Behind “Out Of The Box”

Sometimes the best way to find a solution to a problem is to see what you have been doing and make adjustments from there.  From the time we are born we are being guided or programmed about what to believe and how to act and how to think.  Most of the time as children we are learning new and amazing things.  At that same time we were also being told not to this or that.  When those limitations (both for our protection and other reasons) then we see the BOX beginning to form.  I didn’t realize how small of a box I had put myself in, or had allowed myself to be put until I started studying mindfulness in December of 2014.  Only then did I begin to see these limitations.

I had spent a decade and a half studying and learning the art of creative visualization  and healing through the hypnotic process.  Building upon my degree in psychology with course after course regarding conscious and unconscious processes and the amazing creative powers of the mind brought me to a point where I could see how to help people heal if they were ready to.  Using a combination of all the techniques I had learned I established a career that focused on the many uses of the mind state known as hypnosis.  That’s where my box comes in and then starts limiting me on what I can do as a healer… or so I think.  Now before I go on with this, let me share with you some insights that brought me to where I am today.

Many years ago, early in my career as a hypnotist, I had a very close friend who, unbeknownst to me had become an alcoholic.  After numerous calls to about getting together we were never able to connect.  We just seemed to keep missing each other. That was, until one morning one of my good friends called me to tell me that my friend, who I had been trying to connect with me, was dead.  Apparently, a combination of alcohol and excessive speed had caused  him to lose control on a winding road.  He hit a tree and died on scene.  The next time I saw him was at his funeral.  It was only later that I found out that he was trying to get together with me to see if I could help him with his addiction.  It was at this point that I began to wonder about the healing potential of hypnosis to help people like my friend.

You see, at this point in my career I had begun to see how the power of suggestion could help people to quit smoking, to be more confident and to sleep better.  Through my suggestions for confidence I had helped an assistant bar manager in BC gain the strength to leave her abusive boyfriend and start a new career in another city.  I had helped a world traveler to not get jet lag.  I had even helped a young girl who suffered from night terrors to sleep and dream more peacefully.    It was results like these that made me want to continue my training.  So, after becoming an accomplished stage hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist (March 2010) I also began studying and using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (early 2014), mindfulness (late 2014) and energy work (Quantum Touch, January 2015).  This has had a huge impact on my approach to therapy and healing.  Now I was drawing this wealth of experience to find the best fit for my clients.  This is my new box to get out of.

It is an amazing thing to reach a point in ones career and training when you realize after more than 15 years and helping 1000`s to quit smoking, reduce anxiety, build confidence and so much more that you still face resistance in the area of hypnosis.  There are still many misconceptions about what hypnosis is and is not.  For those who don’t understand hypnosis, it can hold them back from getting the help they need.  Fear prevents them from taking that first step.  I hear this next one all the time: “I need to quit smoking but I’m afraid to get hypnotized – I don’t like to be out of control.  Also, I’ve been to the shows and was never able to go under.”  These people don’t understand that they were hypnotized to smoke in the first place.  Hypnotherapy would give them back their control and undo the suggestions that keep them smoking.  After all, hypnosis (loosely defined) is suggestion and influence and it was only through this suggestion that one starts smoking.

Once again, time to get Out Of The Box.  The therapeutic techniques I use to help people quit smoking are so much more then the Box that is hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It is now time for me to define myself as an Empowerment Strategist.  My passion is to help people to realize their infinite potential.   Remember that new box I was talking about?  Now I have found a way out.  Let me show you… I can help.


Need more information?  I can help.  403-382-7644

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