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Have fun with the power of the imagination with a hypnosis show which is all ages friendly and fun.  James has been performing stage hypnosis for over 17 years and offers his experience and a polished performance at every show.  Have fun being brave and amazingly confident as you race your horse to the finish line or as you do your best to communicate with aliens to save the day.  Show skits are inspirational and entertaining and reveal how once we shift our focus, how amazingly empowered we can feel.  Show lengths can vary from 20 minutes to over 2 hours.
As an accomplished stage hypnotist and empowerment strategist, James Castelli sets the scene for some amazing role playing through the art of hypnosis and then takes the participants on a journey towards self empowerment.  Many useful tools are presented along the way which all of those watching may then use to be more positively focused, relaxed and confident.

The Thoughts Become Things presentations are about an hour in length and present tools and “hacks” to help students, teachers and employees to become empowered for positive change.  Participants will learn about relaxation, confidence building and how to manage anxious thoughts. Contact James now to book a presentation for you group (school, fundraiser, company event).

Presentations can vary from 30 minutes to over 2 hours and can be adapted for any group and workshop theme.
James has a background in psychology, hypnosis and energy. Presentations are designed to inspire and empower participants for positive change with insights into how “Thoughts Become Things” and how to gain “Unstoppable Confidence” by learning how to become enough 403-382-7644 in Lethbridge and area, 1-866-381-0557 from anywhere else or email



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Please call James at 403-382-7644 or 1-866-381-0557.  

Email for booking information and details.

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