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Hypnosis Shows & Personal Empowerment, Motivational Speaking & Presentations 

James is a clinical hypnotherapy life coach (over 7 years), motivational speaker (over 10 years) and stage hypnotist (over 17 years).  Through his many years as a stage hypnotist, James has witnessed the power of the mind to create many amazing changes.  This lead him to pursue a career in motivational speaking and clinical hypnotherapy.  James also offers stage shows for entertainment (and inspiration), workshops for personal empowerment (stop smoking, weight loss, relaxation and confidence building) and professional development.


James also enjoys speaking in schools and helping students to understand how the mind and hypnosis works.  Presentations are ideal for most middle and secondary schools.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am a high school teacher at Catholic Central in Lethbridge, Alberta. I have had James in on numerous occasions to speak in my General Psychology class. The class generally ranges from 20-30 students between the ages of 14-17. I have found James to be engaging and interesting for my students. He is conscious of boundaries and sensitivities; especially those of a religious based school. He ties the actual hypnotism in with inspirational topics, and the result is a presentation that my students thoroughly enjoy.

I would recommend James Castelli as a speaker for a classroom engagement speaker.

Rochelle Radke


Catholic Central High School,

Lethbridge, AB


He has a background in psychology (B.A. Psychology from the University of Lethbridge, 1993), hypnosis and certified clinical hypnotherapist (Excel Hypnotherapy College in Red Deer 2010) as well as having training in creative visualization, mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming and energy healing (Quantum Touch Level 1).  


James also has a passion for helping individuals and groups to become inspired and create an abundance of healing and opportunities in life.  As of September 2017, you can catch his internet radio program Tuesday – Friday mornings on Jess FM. Listen to up beat music and inspirational stories. You never know, you may hear something to help you to make your journey in life an even more amazing one!


For more information on therapy services click here.  


For more information on presentations and hypnosis for entertainment please click here.


For inspiration of a more personal nature, please follow My Journey.

My Journey (#myjourney video) was started in mid June 2017 (checkout my Facebook posts) and chronicles my quests to make radical change in my life and health.  As a therapist and life coach my goal to apply the techniques and teachings I use with my clients and in my presentations.

I have found from the beginning of my journey, many have joined in and/or found support for their own journeys.  Included in my video blogs and posts have been insights, tools and tips on how to stay the course and be successful in achieving your goals.  More information is available here.

Call or text 403-382-7644.

Email:  james@jamescastelli.ca

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