Empowerment Programs


The following programs are available for purchase on line and download.  Please email james@jamescastelli.ca to get more information and to purchase any of these programs.  You can also text James at 403-382-7644.


All programs come complete with instructions and audio tracks to help you develop a detailed plan for change which you can stick to.  When you follow the instructions and keep a positive focus you will find the help you need in the programs listed below. The tracks and techniques contained in these programs will provide the reprogramming you can use to get your mind moving in the right direction for health and wellness.  All amounts are in Canadian funds.


Complete Stop Smoking Program:  Cost – $65.00

Contents – Program instructions in PDF format, stop smoking mindfulness track,  relaxation and gratitude track,  special 6 phase meditation track, stop smoking healthy identity track, stop smoking program instructional track

How it works – Included in the instructions are techniques for managing cravings (tapping, creative visualization, relaxation and mindfulness) and developing a detailed plan for success. Remember, the thoughts in your mind are yours to influence and control.  This program will help you to achieve success in quitting smoking.

When practiced and used on a regular daily basis each one of the craving release techniques with work to release cravings and shift focus away from smoking to more healthy activities.  Listening to the audio programs on a regular basis will help to reprogram your mind away from your smoking habit.  The 6 phase guided meditation will help you to relax, release negativity, and create each day in a new and healthy way.  The other audio programs will also help you to hypnotize yourself away from smoking and to a healthier way of living.  Best of all, there should be no weight gain as you replace the habit of smoking with healthy eating, activities and thoughts.

Stop Smoking NOW

Quit Now and Become the Healthier New You!.


Healthy Focus Weight Loss – $65.00

Contents – 6 audio programs including, two meditation tracks, two craving release and healthy focus tracks along with a positive focus and confidence building rack.

How It Works – Each track will serve a purpose for the listener.  They can be used to address whatever the individual needs to focus on for that particular moment.  If the listener is working on cutting out sugar then the focus will be on managing cravings and creating a plan.  The audio tracks will help the listener to be able to focus on healthy goals and maintaining a healthy way of eating and living.  The audio tracks will also assist in reprogramming poor eating habits into healthy one.  Also included is the START (self esteem, target, action, re-action and tenacity) program for building confidence and developing a realistic and achievable plan for getting to a goal weight or fitness level.

Listening on a regular daily basis will help the listener move into a lifestyle which is healthy and sustainable.