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Business Consulting is all about helping people to shift their focus and create a healthier, more abundant life and a healthier work environment.

Presentations are available for any size group and are ideal for corporate wellness and safety programs, seasonal events as well as school functions (graduation ceremonies, leadership events and classroom pep talks).  These presentations are a combination of entertainment and inspiration and are tailored to the specific needs or themes a group may have.  For schools, an event may be in the form of a hypnosis show with a focus on fears and anxieties and how to create a more positive focus.

For companies, an inspirational presentation on how to create a more positive and healthy focus may be just what the business needs to address safety and morale issues.

Presentations and workshops range in length from 1 hour to a full weekend to multi-week sessions depending on the topic and training needed.

Here are a few of the topics:

I Am Enough –   learn techniques for building confidence, release negative charges from the past and creating a more positive working environment.  Move from being NOT enough to being enough.

Thoughts Become Things – a look into how we think can influence our body and our actions.  How learning a few simple techniques can improve our safety at work and quality of life.

Stop Smoking and manage anxiety – group and individual programs to help stop smoking, manage cravings, and shift focus to a healthier lifestyle.  Developing plans to quit and having the resources to follow through.

Relaxation Workshops – When stress is effecting safety and interpersonal relationships in the workplace it’s time to slow things down and learn how to shift focus.

Build Confidence – increase your productivity for sales and manufacturing by creating a vision of a healthier you.  Improve workplace relations by reducing ego based power struggles.  Realize your infinite potential!

Sports Performance – enhance individual and team performance by building up confidence, building positive focus and enhancing perception.

Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation – Goal setting is key in making any positive change a reality.  Programs focus on affirmations and changing perceptions.  Set a new standard for performance and health.  A healthier workplace is a more productive and positive one and best of all it improves personal well being.


For more information please contact James at 403-382-7644.  You can also email

Looking forward to helping you and your group to be the best they can be.

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