A Moment of Inspiration To Last a Lifetime – Journeys And Missions


By sharing the following stories I hope to provide a moment of inspiration to last a lifetime.  As this page develops I will be including as many stories about inspiration and positive change as time permits.  You may not agree with the message in all of them, and that is okay.  Let’s celebrate the diversity of our individual needs and take comfort in knowing that each of the items here are about someone doing something positive which they are passionate about.  Thank you.

My Journey

I am a survivor.  I grew up in a family not unlike many others.  Parents divorced, we moved around a bit.  Through it all I know my parents, whether together or apart did the best they could and did the best as per what they believed to be correct parenting for the time (as I have raised my children I did what I believed to be the best at the time and in looking back I know I could have don it better).  This is something we, as parents all do.  Time is a great reveler of truth in how good of a job we have done as parents.

For some reason, even from the time is was a child (6 or 7) I felt the urge or the need to be the center of attention.  I had to be the one who knew all the answers or the one who was the best of something.  My life become a journey of not fitting in but being in the spotlight.  If I couldn’t be in the spotlight then I didn’t feel validated.  This resulted in a lot of egocentric behaviours which also made me very good at what ever I was doing (you always believe you are good at what you when you are too narrow minded to know any difference).  Flash forward to a career in radio, finishing off a university degree and becoming an entertainer (mobile DJ) and then a stage hypnotist before becoming a motivational speaker and therapist.  As I turned 50 many realizations were coming to me.  I needed to make changes happen in my life and I needed to get healthy (although this is very brief, I will expand on it later).

June 2017, I start a program to radically decrease the sugar I am taking in so I stop drinking alcohol. After 31 days I begin my ketogenic way of eating and my journey.

In the first 7 days I drop 7.5 pounds.  I am looking better and feeling better.  My Journey still continues.  If you are interested in a detailed presentation on this please contact me…. james@jamescastelli.ca.  More to come!


Jade’s Mission


This is Jade. I am a single mother to a beautiful 6 year old girl. This comes with many struggles and triumphs, all of which are part of my story.

I am a Child and Youth Care graduate and am currently working towards my Bachelor of Professional Arts: Human Services Major. Within my educational experience I have found a passion for helping youth.  Will you help me to help them?  Here is my story:

I believe that empowering youth to reach their full potential despite hardships and obstacles that they are faced with can make all the difference. We are faced with the reality of many people not knowing the dynamics of the hardships and obstacles that many youth are faced with everyday.  My mission is to raise awareness in a variety of different topics that I believe if were acknowledged and addressed within our society could change the future for upcoming generations.


A True Love Story

This is what the “Take Part of Me” Fundraiser was all about which I hosted back on Oct 2, 2015.  Printed here with permission.  Always so nice to here back from clients on how well things are going – especially in this case as I was preparing a young couple for surgery (Benji donated over half of his liver to his wife Lisa) with a combination of hypnotherapy and energy work.  Truly an amazing story of love and healing.

“I wanted to thank you for everything James! Surgery went exceptionally well the Drs say! Lisa didn’t need a blood transfusion and was out of ICU in less than 24 hours. Benji could likely be out this weekend. I’m certain that your therapy contributed. I’m very grateful!”
Dawn Davis​





I have spent over half of my life looking at the world from behind a microphone in a variety of different venues…some for entertainment, some for teaching but mostly for inspiration.  From my vantage point I have seen how people can be influenced by simple words to accomplish amazing things.   I have also seen how people can let other words stop them, hold them back and question their own purpose and abilities.  It is my belief that if we can all learn to be our own masters and accomplish amazing things.  Think of how much better life will be when you have the tools to be your own master.

Look at all that you have done in your life and all that you want to do.  What’s holding you back?  Excuses? Realize that you are amazing and have to ability to do amazing things… all you have to do is start… and then continue… and have a very clear goal in mind.  Remember these words: Desire, Belief and Expectation.

The Story Behind “Out Of The Box”

Sometimes the best way to find a solution to a problem is to see what you have been doing and make adjustments from there.  From the time we are born we are being guided or programmed about what to believe and how to act and how to think.  Most of the time as children we are learning new and amazing things.  At that same time we were also being told not to this or that.  When those limitations (both for our protection and other reasons) then we see the BOX beginning to form.  I didn’t realize how small of a box I had put myself in, or had allowed myself to be put until I started studying mindfulness in December of 2014.  Only then did I begin to see these limitations.

I had spent a decade and a half studying and learning the art of creative visualization  and healing through the hypnotic process.  Building upon my degree in psychology with course after course regarding conscious and unconscious processes and the amazing creative powers of the mind brought me to a point where I could see how to help people heal if they were ready to.  Using a combination of all the techniques I had learned I established a career that focused on the many uses of the mind state known as hypnosis.  That’s where my box comes in and then starts limiting me on what I can do as a healer… or so I think.  Now before I go on with this, let me share with you some insights that brought me to where I am today.

Many years ago, early in my career as a hypnotist, I had a very close friend who, unbeknownst to me had become an alcoholic.  After numerous calls to about getting together we were never able to connect.  We just seemed to keep missing each other. That was, until one morning one of my good friends called me to tell me that my friend, who I had been trying to connect with me, was dead.  Apparently, a combination of alcohol and excessive speed had caused  him to lose control on a winding road.  He hit a tree and died on scene.  The next time I saw him was at his funeral.  It was only later that I found out that he was trying to get together with me to see if I could help him with his addiction.  It was at this point that I began to wonder about the healing potential of hypnosis to help people like my friend.

You see, at this point in my career I had begun to see how the power of suggestion could help people to quit smoking, to be more confident and to sleep better.  Through my suggestions for confidence I had helped an assistant bar manager in BC gain the strength to leave her abusive boyfriend and start a new career in another city.  I had helped a world traveler to not get jet lag.  I had even helped a young girl who suffered from night terrors to sleep and dream more peacefully.    It was results like these that made me want to continue my training.  So, after becoming an accomplished stage hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist (March 2010) I also began studying and using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (early 2014), mindfulness (late 2014) and energy work (Quantum Touch, January 2015).  This has had a huge impact on my approach to therapy and healing.  Now I was drawing this wealth of experience to find the best fit for my clients.  This is my new box to get out of.

It is an amazing thing to reach a point in ones career and training when you realize after more than 15 years and helping 1000`s to quit smoking, reduce anxiety, build confidence and so much more that you still face resistance in the area of hypnosis.  There are still many misconceptions about what hypnosis is and is not.  For those who don’t understand hypnosis, it can hold them back from getting the help they need.  Fear prevents them from taking that first step.  I hear this next one all the time: “I need to quit smoking but I’m afraid to get hypnotized – I don’t like to be out of control.  Also, I’ve been to the shows and was never able to go under.”  These people don’t understand that they were hypnotized to smoke in the first place.  Hypnotherapy would give them back their control and undo the suggestions that keep them smoking.  After all, hypnosis (loosely defined) is suggestion and influence and it was only through this suggestion that one starts smoking.

Once again, time to get Out Of The Box.  The therapeutic techniques I use to help people quit smoking are so much more then the Box that is hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It is now time for me to define myself as an Empowerment Strategist.  My passion is to help people to realize their infinite potential.   Remember that new box I was talking about?  Now I have found a way out.  Let me show you… I can help.


Need more information?  I can help.  403-382-7644

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James Castelli – Motivational Speaker, Hypnotist And Hypnotherapy Life Coach

Motivational Speaking

The Thoughts Become Things presentations are about an hour in length and present tools and “hacks” to help students, teachers and employees to become empowered for positive change.  Participants will learn about relaxation, confidence building and how to manage anxious thoughts. Contact James now to book a presentation for you group (school, fundraiser, company event).

Presentations can vary from 30 minutes to over 2 hours and can be adapted for any group and workshop theme.

James has a background in psychology, hypnosis and energy. Presentations are designed to inspire and empower participants for positive change with insights into how “Thoughts Become Things” and how to gain “Unstoppable Confidence” by learning how to become enough.  403-382-7644 in Lethbridge and area, 1-866-381-0557 from anywhere else or email james@jamescastelli.ca


Hypnotist For Entertainment And Inspiration

Over 17 years as a stage hypnotist has allowed James to become a polished performer.  Show lengths can vary from 15 minute demonstrations to over 2 hours.  Whether at a school, corporate, or fundraising function, James brings an inspirational message along with a show that will leave you bursting with laughter. School classroom presentations are allows welcome too.  Please email james@jamescastelli.ca for details.

School presentations designed to inspire!

Have an event and need to add some inspirational entertainment to it?  James can perform his style of entertainment in just about any environment (indoors and out).  Performance times can be any where from 20 minutes to over 2 hours and pricing starts as low as $200.00.  Please contact James for availability and costs.  Call 1-866-381-0557 or 403-382-7644 (texting is okay too) or email james@jamescastelli.ca.


What Is It Like To Be Hypnotized…




Designed to create a more positive and safe work environment.  Consulting helps to assess any problem areas and provide easy to implement solutions such a training to enhance employee engagement.  Solutions are sustainable and help to create a better quality of for all participants.  Presentations and training can take place in the work place or at an alternate location.  Presentations and training are tailored to the needs of companies and organizations.  For more information call or text 403-382-7644 or email james@jamescastelli.ca

Hypnotherapy Life Coaching

With his background in psychology and hypnotherapy James has the tools, training and resources to help his clients find their through dark or low times and into the light.  James uses a combination hypnosis, regression therapy, creative visualization and other strategies for success to assist his clients in becoming more empowered. Contact James at 403-382-7644 in Lethbridge and area or 1-866-381-0557.  Email james@jamescastelli.ca


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Motivational Speaking & Hypnosis Shows


Motivate and energize your group with an empowering presentation!  

Have fun with the power of the imagination with a hypnosis show which is all ages friendly and fun.  James has been performing stage hypnosis for over 17 years and offers his experience and a polished performance at every show.  Have fun being brave and amazingly confident as you race your horse to the finish line or as you do your best to communicate with aliens to save the day.  Show skits are inspirational and entertaining and reveal how once we shift our focus, how amazingly empowered we can feel.  Show lengths can vary from 20 minutes to over 2 hours.
As an accomplished stage hypnotist and empowerment strategist, James Castelli sets the scene for some amazing role playing through the art of hypnosis and then takes the participants on a journey towards self empowerment.  Many useful tools are presented along the way which all of those watching may then use to be more positively focused, relaxed and confident.


The Thoughts Become Things presentations are about an hour in length and present tools and “hacks” to help students, teachers and employees to become empowered for positive change.  Participants will learn about relaxation, confidence building and how to manage anxious thoughts. Contact James now to book a presentation for you group (school, fundraiser, company event).


Presentations can vary from 30 minutes to over 2 hours and can be adapted for any group and workshop theme.


James has a background in psychology, hypnosis and energy. Presentations are designed to inspire and empower participants for positive change with insights into how “Thoughts Become Things” and how to gain “Unstoppable Confidence” by learning how to become enough 403-382-7644 in Lethbridge and area, 1-866-381-0557 from anywhere else or email james@jamescastelli.ca


Maple Creek Composite High School Event


Other Presentations



Fitness Motivation

Anxiety Management


Positive focus

Confidence building

Personal excellence

Sports performance

Thoughts Become Things

I Am Enough


Please call James at 403-382-7644 or 1-866-381-0557.  

Email james@jamescastelli.ca for booking information and details.

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Life Coaching And Hypnotherapy In Lethbridge (Southern Alberta)

James Castelli provides Life coaching and hypnotherapy (Lethbridge and Southern Alberta).  Although he is based in Lethbridge, he offers programs which are available anywhere you have internet.  For more information on this please email james@jamescastelli.ca.

James uses a multi-modal approach to help people recover from trauma, remove road blocks, and create a more successful life. The following are just a few of the areas within which James can help:

  • Stop Smoking Guaranteed! A one year program featuring up to 10 follow ups if needed (most quit within the first 3 to 4 sessions or the first week)
  • Healthy Eating
  • Fitness Focus
  • Sports performance
  • Chronic Pain
  • Medical and Dental surgery prep and recovery
  • Quantum Touch Energy work for healing and creating optimal… helps with arthritic pain, headaches, bruising, breaks and strains, muscle recovery and phantom aches and pains
  • Confidence building
  • Hypno-birthing
  • Sleep Disorders
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Habit Disorders (Nail Biting for example)
  • Private and Confidential appointments are available up request.
  • Group and Corporate motivational speaking.
  • Consulting for Health and Safety – a corporate health and wellness program that features a diverse therapy approach that is customized to meet the individual needs of both the employee and the employer.

House calls are available when necessary (a small travel charge may apply).  Sessions can done in private and in person, in a group session or through video chat (Facebook, Skype) or over the phone depending on client needs and wants.  Questions?  403-382-7644 or 1-866-381-0556.  Email james@jamescastelli.ca

An initial session may be 50 mins to 90 mins in length with follow ups being 15 to 50 minutes in length.

Programs for positive change may vary in length from a few sessions to several weeks.

Most programs include custom cd’s or audio tracks.


Anxiety is a growing concern with more people suffering from it. .  Stats Canada reports that one in 4 or 25% of Canadians will suffer from at least one type of anxiety disorder in their lifetime.   It also a growing concern in our schools too.  From test anxieties to peer pressure more and more young people are experiencing it.  As a bi-product of bullying and peer pressure it can make life so miserable that the victim might go so far as to self harm.

Anxiety Reduction

feel better by understanding your mind/body connection

James Castelli provides tools and therapies for understanding the development of anxiety and reducing it.  Programs include insights into the mind/body connection and how to direct thoughts to create moments of relaxation and mindfulness.

Out of the Box: Reduce Anxiety and Relax!

James Castelli can show clients many ways to manage anxiety which are simple and effective.  They feature:

  • physical actions that reduce and eliminate cravings that cause anxiety
  • focusing techniques to help the client feel better
  • meditations to reduce anxiety, depression and increase confidence
  • visualization techniques that reduce the emotional potency of past events
  • physical techniques that reduce or eliminate fear
  • physical techniques that refocus the mind and promote a state of calm and relaxation
  • visual techniques that promote goal setting and identity formation

These techniques are provided as part of individual and group therapy and as part of Out of the Box presentations.  Please contact James Castelli by email james@jamescastelli.ca or by calling 403-382-7644.


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Up Coming Events

The following dates provide a basic outline of my schedule for private and public events.    For details and event confirmations call 403-382-7644 or email james@jamescastelli.ca

January and February 2017!


Learn basic hypnosis techniques to empower and change negative programming

Next Course: January 28 and February 4, 2017

You’ve probably seen stage hypnotists in action and wondered how they could get the people on stage to do those seemly crazy things.  It is actually quit simple.  The same techniques the hypnotist uses on stage are the same ones that you can learn to help yourself, your friends and family become healthier and more positively focused in life.

Learn trancing techniques

what hypnosis is and is not

learn how to do self hypnosis to increase fitness motivation, quit smoking, reduce anxiety and more

learn how to bring someone into trance and give them positive suggestions and then “wake them up”

Please call 403-382-7644 to register and for more information.

January 31, 2017 Rosetown Central High School presentation

Feb 5, 2017 Stop Smoking Seminar – 1pm, Pincher Creek Community Centre.  Cost $85.00. Be a part of it and break free.

Corporate Consulting for health and safety.  Inquiries welcome.  403-382-7644. 


For workshops and personal appointments email james@jamescastelli.ca


For Seminars and personal appointments for quitting smoking

Stop Smoking NOW

Quit Now and Become the Healthier New You!

Losing weight


 Relax and reduce anxiety

Anxiety Reduction

feel better by understanding your mind/body connection

Learn about the mind-body connection and how to use it to manage anxiety and fear.  How to create greater moments of “Flow” through focus and visualization.  Learn techniques for building yourself up to the ideal you!

Weight loss, stop smoking and anxiety/confidence building seminars are available for group and corporate health programs.

Call 403-382-7644 or email james@jamescastelli.ca

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting is all about helping people to shift their focus and create a healthier, more abundant life and a healthier work environment.

Presentations are available for any size group and are ideal for corporate wellness and safety programs, seasonal events as well as school functions (graduation ceremonies, leadership events and classroom pep talks).  These presentations are a combination of entertainment and inspiration and are tailored to the specific needs or themes a group may have.  For schools, an event may be in the form of a hypnosis show with a focus on fears and anxieties and how to create a more positive focus.

For companies, an inspirational presentation on how to create a more positive and healthy focus may be just what the business needs to address safety and morale issues.

Presentations and workshops range in length from 1 hour to a full weekend to multi-week sessions depending on the topic and training needed.

Here are a few of the topics:

I Am Enough –   learn techniques for building confidence, release negative charges from the past and creating a more positive working environment.  Move from being NOT enough to being enough.

Thoughts Become Things – a look into how we think can influence our body and our actions.  How learning a few simple techniques can improve our safety at work and quality of life.

Stop Smoking and manage anxiety – group and individual programs to help stop smoking, manage cravings, and shift focus to a healthier lifestyle.  Developing plans to quit and having the resources to follow through.

Relaxation Workshops – When stress is effecting safety and interpersonal relationships in the workplace it’s time to slow things down and learn how to shift focus.

Build Confidence – increase your productivity for sales and manufacturing by creating a vision of a healthier you.  Improve workplace relations by reducing ego based power struggles.  Realize your infinite potential!

Sports Performance – enhance individual and team performance by building up confidence, building positive focus and enhancing perception.

Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation – Goal setting is key in making any positive change a reality.  Programs focus on affirmations and changing perceptions.  Set a new standard for performance and health.  A healthier workplace is a more productive and positive one and best of all it improves personal well being.


For more information please contact James at 403-382-7644.  You can also email james@jamescastelli.ca.

Looking forward to helping you and your group to be the best they can be.

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